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Because of today’s manufacturing standards, a lot of auto manufacturers will leave plenty of room for improvement with most cars that roll off an assembly line. They use affordable, standardized parts to fit a large number of mass-produced automobiles. They aren’t concerned about maximizing each vehicle’s performance, especially when it comes to torque and horsepower. This is why many vehicle owners opt to install aftermarket exhaust systems. It’s one of the best ways to boost horsepower, torque and other performance factors. In addition, a custom exhaust designed specifically for your car and your engine can improve things even more than a bolt-on kit. 

Whether your car’s current exhaust system seems to be functioning well or you already know it could use an upgrade, there are several reasons to consider having a new exhaust system installed. Most manufacturers will include a standard system that serves the car’s basic functions, but three reasons for having a new system added include boosting your vehicle’s overall performance, value, and fuel efficiency.

We know a quality exhaust system is essential to any engine function, but most people don’t realize what difference the system actually makes. Maintaining your car’s exhaust with regular diagnostic and performance-enhancing repairing will allow the entire engine to function better. 

As your engine burns fuel, it produces gases in the form of waste that needs a way out of the engine through an exhaust system. Therefore, the function of your vehicle’s exhaust system is beneficial both to your vehicle and its occupants since its design is to prevent air pollution inside and around your vehicle. It also plays a significant role in the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. When your exhaust is dirty, your vehicle’s performance and efficiency suffer significantly.

The moment you notice your car exhaust is louder or whinier than usual, your first line of action should be to have your car serviced and inspected as soon as possible. At PKW Performance Centre, we can run a thorough diagnostic, and provide you with the best possible maintenance, repair, or replacement services money can buy. 

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